Joe Palacio

Managing Partner

Assisting Seniors and Medicare Beneficiaries with their Medicare Options.

Joe Palacio is an Independent Health Insurance Broker in California. He received his license from the California Department of Insurance. Prior to this he spent 15 years in the health care industry as a Pharmaceutical Sales Consultant calling on primary care doctors and specialists. Making the transition from sales consultant to Health Insurance Broker was a natural transition for him because of his experience with physicians, medications, disease states, medical groups, and insurance plans.

Joe received a B.A. Degree from California State University, Long Beach CA, and he was born and raised in Orange County California.

When assisting seniors with their Medicare Insurance it is not uncommon to hear the word “confused” when it comes to choosing a Medicare plan. “What is Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D?” What is a Medicare Supplement, or a Medicare Advantage Plan, or a prescription Drug Plan?

Joe’s goal is to help seniors find a Medicare Plan that best fits their needs. He does his best to make sure you stay with your primary care doctor, specialists, and other health care providers that you prefer.

He knows that each of his customers have unique situations; therefore, he does a full evaluation of your preferences when it comes to choosing your health plan. There really is no “best plan.” Much of the decision depends on medications, healthcare providers, medical groups, and cost.

To speak to Joe about your Medicare options give him a call at (949) 929-9908.

Phone (949) 929-9908